2ES Extended Slide Stop

CZ OEM  2ES, standard slide stop used on the SP-01 and Shadow 1, fits 9mm and .40 S&W CZ models, 75B full size, compacts, & 75B Omega.

NOTE: Only fits steel framed CZ’s, 75B, 75C, 75B Omega, SP-01’s including the original SP-01 Shadow 1, CZ-97B and 97BD models

DOES NOT FIT:  Shadow 2 and SP-01 Compact (99021), this will not fit nor work in any aluminum frame model, for these models see part number 08004.   Does not fit P07 & P09, see part number 97566.


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TECH TIP:  If you load the 147 gn 9mm bullets long, or heavy 200-220 gn .40 S&W bullets long, the mag post may need to be modified.