Decocker Hammer


CGW’s famous decocker race hammer.  Starts as a solid carbon steel billet blank, then it is Electron Discharge Machined and finish ground to perfection.  Finished in a deep black oxide and heat treated to RC53.  Produces, on average, a 3.6 – 3.12 pound single action pull and fits all 75 series CZ decockers, 75BD, P-01, PCR, CZ-97BD, RAMI BD, etc.

Carries the CGW exclusive lifetime warranty.




If you want to loose the long, creepy, gritty single action your CZ exhibits with the stock hammer, this is the answer.  The CGW Race hammer produces a 1911 like crisp, clean, impeccable single action trigger pull.  Best of all, it’s a safe pull weight suitable for self defense applications.

We suggest installing a new sear if you have over 1,000 rounds through your CZ, or if you purchase a used CZ with an unknown round count.  The OEM is an excellent part, our part number 11 D/C.