Tuners Pack

5 premium color coded “Made in USA” music wire recoil springs for virtually all full size 75 series pistols; all SP-01’s including Shadow 1 & 2, 75B/BD, 85B/C, Tactical Sport, etc.  Due to CGW’s color coding, you will always know what weight spring is in your CZ.

See our Home Page, at the top, see “TUTORIALS”, see “How to select the proper recoil spring” for determining a replacement spring based on your individual requirements.  Or you can order the Tuners Pac to cover nearly any application.

  • 10# White
  • 11# Yellow
  • 12# Red
  • 13# Green
  • 14# Gray

NOTE:  recoil spring lengths can vary depending on the weight of the spring.  This is normal for all recoil springs of different weights.  Factory full size spring varies from 16#’s on SP-01’s and 75B/BD, 85B/C, to 13#’s on the Shadow 2.  See “Description” for additional information.




TECH TIP:  Recoil springs in full size CZ’s should be replaced every 5K rounds.