Cajun Gun Works, LLC

Website Privacy Notice and Policy

Effective: September 2, 2018

Please read this website privacy notice and policy carefully.  By accessing or using the website, you accept and agree to the provisions of this policy.  If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this policy, do not access the website.

This Website Privacy Notice and Policy (“this Policy”) describes the current policies of Cajun Gun Works, LLC with respect to our collection and use of certain information through our website,  By accessing and using the Website, you consent to our collection and use of your information as described in this Policy or as this Policy may be amended or modified from time to time as described herein below.

1. Collection and Use of Information

When you access the Website, Cajun Gun Works or a third-party contractor of Cajun Gun Works may collect certain anonymous information (including without limitation your IP address, pages visited, dates visited, and times visited) relating to your access.  This collection of information may include the use of cookies or similar files, applications, or programs.  However, our usage of cookies, files, application, or programs is in no way tied to Personally Identifiable Information.  During your visit to the Website, if you voluntarily provide us with Personally Identifiable Information (information that identifies who you are, including without limitation your name, mailing address, phone number and email address), we will use and retain that information for the purpose for which it is provided.  Depending upon the activity in which you are attempting to engage, some of the information we ask you to provide is identified as mandatory and some as voluntary.  If you do not provide the mandatory data with respect to a particular activity, you may not be able to engage in that activity on the Website.  Cajun Gun Works may use Personally Identifiable Information to enhance the operation of the Website, fill orders, improve our marketing and promotional efforts, statistically analyze site usage, improve our product and service offerings, and customize the Website content, layout, and services.  We may use Personally Identifiable Information to deliver information to you and to contact you.  Cajun Gun Works may also, subject to applicable legal restrictions, provide information, including Personally Identifiable Information, provided by you to third parties who assist us to provide requested products and services such as shipping companies who deliver requested products.  We may also use information provided by you to provide you with information on other products and services in which we believe you might be interested.  From time to time, we may, subject to applicable legal restrictions, provide certain information provided by you to others who provide products and services in which we believe you might be interested.  Please note that such third-parties may have different privacy policies than we do.  In the event that Cajun Gun Works is merged or transfers its assets, site or operations, Cajun Gun Works may, subject to compliance with any applicable legal obligations and to the extent permitted by law, disclose or transfer your Personally Identifiable Information in connection with such transaction.  We may also disclose Personally Identifiable Information and other information when we, in good faith, believe that the law requires it.

2. A Special Note about Children

The website is not intended to be used by children under 13 years of age.  Children under the age of 13 are not eligible to use the Website, and we ask that children not submit any information, personal or otherwise, to us.  We do not knowingly collect personal information about children under the age of 13.  If we become aware that we have been provided with information about a child under the age of 13, we will delete the personal information from our records.

3. Removal/Correction of Information

Where determined to be practical in Cajun Gun Works sole discretion, we will provide certain opportunities for you or others to express preferences regarding our use of information that you provide, such as opportunities to decline to receive information emails.  If you want us to modify or remove information about you from our records, please contact us by mail at Cajun Gun Works, LLC, 197 Parkway Circle, West Monroe, LA 71292 or by emailing us at  Please include your name, mailing address and email address when you contact us.  You must describe the information that you want to be removed or modified in sufficient detail to allow us to locate that information in our records.  Please note that a request to remove or modify information may prevent us from providing certain products or services to you.  We will not remove or modify information associated with your prior purchase or registration of a product.  Additionally, it may be impossible for us to completely delete or modify information without some residual information remaining in back-ups or other historical databases we may maintain.  Finally, Cajun Gun Works is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of requests to remove, update, or correct information.  However, we reserve the right to refuse to modify information if we request proof of identity or authority and the requesting party does not furnish appropriate proof of identity or authority.  Please note that we can only remove or modify information in our records, and we do not have the ability to modify or remove third-party records.

4. Security

Cajun Gun Works takes those precautions that we deem reasonable and appropriate to maintain the security of Personally Identifiable Information in our possession.  However, except as otherwise provided by law, we do not assume any responsibility or liability to you for any breach of our security or unintentional release of your Personally Identifiable Information.  In addition, we do not maintain control or security over Personally Identifiable Information that we provide to third-parties, and we cannot and do not assume any responsibility or liability to you for any breach of their security or release of your Personally Identifiable Information.

5. Third Party Website Linkage

This Policy applies solely to the Website.  The Website may contain links to websites owned or operated by third-parties.  Your use of third-party websites is done at your own risk and subject to any terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, and other practices or procedures for such websites.  Cajun Gun Works is not responsible or liable for the content of or your use of any third-party websites that you may access through links on the Website.

6. Policy Changes

We may amend this Policy from time to time without notice and any revisions or new Policy is effective immediately upon posting.  If you object to any changes in this Policy, you should submit a request to remove your information from our records as described in Section 3, above.

7. Disclaimer of Warranties

The Website is provided “As-Is” with all faults, and Cajun Gun Works disclaims to the maximum extent permitted by law all warranties relating to the website, whether express, implied, or statutory, including any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or title, warranties against infringement or interference with enjoyment, or warranties arising from course of dealing or usage of trade.  By way of illustration without limitation, Cajun Gun Works does not warrant that the website will fulfill any user’s particular requirements, that access to the website will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that any information obtained through the website is accurate.  Cajun Gun Works does not make any warranty regarding information obtained from any hyperlinked third-party vendor.

8. Disclaimer of Liability

Neither Cajun Gun Works nor any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, partners, managers, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, or other agents shall have any responsibility or liability to any user or its principals or agents for any damages, whether general, special, direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential, including any lost profits or lost savings.  Whether or not foreseeable and whether based on contract, tort, common law, or any other theory of liability, statute, or regulation.  User expressly acknowledges and agrees that Cajun Gun Works is providing access to the website in reliance on the disclaimers and limitations set forth in this policy, and further acknowledges and agrees that such limitations are reasonable.  In no event shall Cajun Gun Works liability to user exceed the fees actually paid by user or use of the website.