To send in your project please visit our Cajun Estimator on the homepage to submit your work order.


Cerakote is a spray-on resin that is baked to cure.  It is the premier paint in the industry.


Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) is the hardest coating we can apply to a firearm.  It only comes in a graphite color but appears black with a light application of oil.

Titanium Nitride (TiN)

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a durable coating that comes in gold or rose gold colors. 


Anodizing hardens the surface of the aluminum and allows nearly any color to be applied. Patterns can be created in the anodizing as well.


Chromium Nitride (CrN) is an outstanding plating/coating that represents the current state of the art in firearms plating.


Pricing is available for estimating purposes only.  Actual prices may vary.

Finish Flaws

CZ slides and frames are cast which occasionally results in small casting flaws being present under the factory polycote.  Most of the flaws we see are small dimples in the surface.  There is no way to know if a firearm has casting flaws present until the factory coating has been removed.  Cerakote will usually cover these flaws but electroplating like, chrome, DLC, etc. will not.  They are rare but cannot be removed from CZ frames since they are cast.  When choosing to refinish your firearm you are accepting that casting flaws are possible and not removable.

Refinish Labor

Refinish projects will have an added labor fee of $40 if you are also having a package (pro package, standard package, etc.) installed or a labor fee of $80 will be assessed if no package is being installed.  If your work order is not completed in enough reasonable detail for the work to be completed, additional labor charges may be applied to cover time spent discussing the project with our gunsmiths.

High Polish Finishes

We are no longer offering a high polish option with any coating.

Small Parts

Controls – firearm parts that you interact with directly such as triggers, hammers, safety/decocker levers, slide stop, mag release, etc.

Internals – firearm parts contained within the firearm such as trigger bar, sear cage, hammer strut, etc.  Although some internals may be coated, we do not coat every internal part when refinishing a whole gun.  Parts such as retaining pins, springs, and detents are too small to refinish.

Turnaround Times

Although most refinish projects can typically be completed within the 10-week time quoted on our website, we cannot guarantee the turnaround.

To send in your project please visit our Cajun Estimator on the homepage to submit your work order.