Manual Safety Hammer Kit

Cajun Gun Works’ popular Race Hammer Kit with adjustable sear.  Now anyone can drop in a high-performance hammer at home and achieve custom gunsmith results.  Hammers start out as billet blanks, are Electron Discharge Machined (EDM), precision surface ground, heat-treated to RC53 (OEM is RC45), then finished in a deep black oxide for a beautiful appearance.   Typical SA drop in pull weight is 3.6 – 3.12 pounds.

Hammer/sear set carries a lifetime warranty.   Made in the USA

When installing any high-performance hammer in a CZ, the sears angle is changed, which alters the way the manual safety works:

  1. Hammer down manual safety can be applied “up”
  2. Hammer at half-cock manual safety can be applied “up”
  3. Hammer at full cock, manual safety can be applied “up”, but trigger pull will not drop the hammer

Please note this deviates from the way the CZ OEM parts work.  DO NOT cycle the action in DA with the hammer down and the manual safety in the “up” position.  The manual safety was never designed to be applied “up” with the hammer down, whether using CZ OEM parts or Cajun Gun Works parts.  The manual safety is only designed to be used with the hammer at full cock.  If 1, 2, & 3 listed above are unacceptable, then do not purchase this hammer kit.


Manual Safety Hammer

Famous Cajun Gun Works manual safety blue steel hammer, machined from a solid high carbon steel billet blank using the Electron Discharge Machining method, precision ground, and heat treated to RC53 (OEM is RC45).   Coated in a Charcoal Black DLC.  Drops in and produces a 3lb 8oz single action (on average).  Lifetime Warranty.

Recommended if you already have a Cajun Gun Works adjustable sear of if you want to hard fit your CZ OEM sear.  Hard fitting is not recommended for the novice or anyone inexperienced in hard fitting the CZ OEM sear to the manual safety.


Race Hammer Install Tutorial