54420 Ultra-Lite Kit

Cuts the DA an amazing 50% with our HS-13 “blue” music wire hammer spring and still delivers 100% reliable ignition for defensive use.   HS-12000 “black” hammer spring will cut the DA 60% and will set off “most” primers, ideal for range and competition.  Kit includes HS-13, HS-12000, 61050 S-7 tool steel extended firing pin with reduced power firing pin spring, 61100 firing pin retaining pin and reduced power firing pin block spring.



Tutorial for All CZ

TECH TIP:  We suggest a 3mm roll pin punch for removal of the firing pin retaining pin from the slide.  Use this same punch as a guide for lining up the flats on the firing pin, then drive in the new CGW 61100 tempered steel firing pin retaining pin from the left hand side.  Be sure and orient the 61100 with the open end “up” at the 12 0’clock position.