Reach Reduction Kit

Cajun Gun Works’ Reach Reduction Kit moves the at rest position of the trigger rearward an amazing 5.0 mm’s.   The “felt” difference is quite dramatic and completely changes the ergonomics of the trigger.   One of our most popular products with thousands in service.

The CGW floating trigger pin, part number TRPIN, is not included, but is highly recommended.  Fits both standard/classic lock work manual safety and decocker versions  For all SP-01, 75B-BD, 85C-B, 2075 RAMI B-BD, 97B-BD, P-01, PCR, 40P, 40B, etc.

NOTE:  See Cajun Gun Works part number 75850 Reach Reduction Kit for the Shadow 1 & 2, 85C, and Pre-B 75’s.  Does not fit P-01, 75B, or P-07/09 Omega series.



"Old Style" Trigger

This is a faithful reproduction of the "Old Style" 85C trigger.  The old style trigger is straighter than all CZ triggers and has a very comfortable contoured, ergonomic shape.  Made in the USA from 416SS and matte finished.  Don't forget to also get our TRPIN floating trigger pin.

Also, available in black DLC for an extra charge.  This trigger fixes the "trigger bite" 100% of the time the small black re-curve trigger is known for.

Lifetime warranty



The Reach Reduction Kit is a stand alone modification and requires no other modification to work perfectly, includes the following:

  • New ultra-comfortable Cajun Gun Works 75585 trigger
  • New Cajun Gun Works RRK disconnector PN: 1490
  • Allen wrench
  • Trigger return spring installation slave pin

The Most Frequently Asked Questions on the RRK:

  • Is all the initial take-up eliminated with the RRK?  Yes in DA only.
  • Is the single action trigger set point moved or changed?  No.  The SA is not affected in any way.
  • Does the RRK change the way my pistol operates?  No.  Your pistol will work exactly like it does out of the box, nothing is affected, your manual safety and decocker will work the same.
  • Is it legal for shooting sports?  Yes, it is legal for all division (IDPA and USPSA), however, the only division and class it is not approved for IDPA-SSP.
  • Can the RRK be used with other modifications such as Cajun Gun Works hammer kits?  Yes.  The RRK is a completely independent modification and neither affects nor is affected by other custom add-ons.
  • Can you use any hammer spring with the RRK?  No.  Since the DA stroke is shorter and much quicker with the RRK, the minimum hammer spring recommended is 13#’s.
  • Is the DA “feel” affected?  Yes.  The RRK noticeably shortens and quickens the DA pull stroke.  Also, the mechanical leverage is altered giving the impression of a much lighter trigger pull, which is more pronounced when combined with one of our Ultra-Lite kits.