Milling / Optics

Optic Milling

We mill slides so that most optics can be mounted directly, but some optic and model combinations require plates for mounting. We stock some optic models if you would like to purchase one from us or you can purchase one and include it when you ship your slide or firearm. On some optic and model combinations, backup iron sights (BUIS) are an option.

Cosmetic Milling

We are a full machine shop and have a variety of pre-designed slide cuts to choose from. Most slide cuts can be milling onto any model.

Barrel Crowning

Barrel Crowning

Crowning the barrel can make your firearm more accurate if your crown has been damaged. Otherwise, this modification provides a custom touch to your firearm.


Picatinny Rail for CZ 97

We use the Novak Picatinny Rail and mount it to the dust cover of the firearm. This allows the attachment of accessories, such as lights and lasers.


CZ 97B - BD Bushing Modification

CZ 97 Bushing Modification

CGW pioneered the precision barrel bushing for the 97 series.  This fixes the tendency of the factory threaded bushing to rotate during live fire, which will render the pistol inoperative.  The factory threaded barrel bushing is somewhat loose as well, robbing the 97 of its incredible accuracy potential. CGW precision machines the slide to accept the proprietary 1911 style bushing, then we hand fit to ensure a -0- lock up, the gold standard.  This results in total reliability and simultaneously delivers stunning match-grade accuracy on par with custom 1911’s that cost substantially more.