75500 Defensive Carry Package RAMI Decocker


CGW’s famous Defensive Carry Package for the RAMI Decocker.  Transforms your CZ delivering a smooth 7lb, 6oz DA, a crisp 3lb 8oz SA, and cuts the SA reset 50%.  NOTE:  Installation kit part number INST-DC not included.  Individual parts cannot be returned for a refund.


Decocker Hammer

CGW's famous decocker race hammer.  Starts as a solid carbon steel billet blank, then it is Electron Discharge Machined and finish ground to perfection.  Finished in a deep black oxide and heat treated to RC53.  Produces, on average, a 3.6 - 3.12 pound single action pull and fits all 75 series CZ decockers, 75BD, P-01, PCR, CZ-97BD, RAMI BD, etc.

Carries the CGW exclusive lifetime warranty.