IDPA Production Legal Manual Safety Kit with Combat Trigger

IDPA-SSP production legal, full upgrade kit. Includes everything for a 100% compliant competition ready drop-in package for all manual safety 75 series, 75B, 75B Compact, 40B, and SP-01, etc.

NOTE: This is competition only race gun package and produces a 3# or less SA pull weight that will exhibit some creep in SA.   Not recommended for self-defense use.

For all other uses other than IDPA-SSP, please see our much better 75100 or 75110 that delivers better overall performance.  If you are not strictly using your CZ for IDPA-SSP, then this is not recommended.

Installation Instructions




NOTE:  For hardcore “Competition” and “Race” gun use only in IDPA only.   Produces a 3# SA or less, but all creep is not eliminated.  Not recommended for self-defense, range use, and law enforcement/military applications.  See our 75100 and 75110 kits for all other applications.

  • This kit will not eliminate all creep in SA, your SA will still have creep with this kit
  • Single action trigger pull not be as crisp and clean when compared to our CGW Race hammer
  • Since this kit contains many factory parts, therefore there is no lifetime warranty
  • This kit is designed for IDPA compliance only, if you are not using your CZ for IDPA, we recommend our 75100 or 75110