Our Story

David Milam has been shooting and modifying handguns for nearly 40 years. He started with Ruger Blackhawks, Smith and Wesson revolvers, and has also owned and shot the majority of semi-automatic pistols on the market today. David has been hand-loading for 35 years and has an extensive knowledge base when it comes to crafting precision ammunition.

In 2007, David purchased a “cheap” used CZ-75B and shot this pistol better than any out of the box 9mm pistol he had ever used. Driven by the passion to understand the inner workings of the 75 series, David dove into the internals of the CZ, learned the system, and began making improved parts in his small machine shop. He posted his efforts and results on various forums and begin to get private messages and emails – “can you make me one of those”? And so, it began.

Within 3 years of prototyping and developing new products, David took the leap of faith and began taking in customers’ firearms for custom work. The business grew quickly and went from 1 person to 9 full-time employees in a short time frame. We do one firearm at a time, in which we hand polish, hand fit, and hand tune each firearm for its intended usage. We only do safe, responsible work.

We are a faith-based, family business that is marketed solely through the quality and results of our parts and gunsmith work. Our passion is precision, innovation, and customer service.