Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit P-07 P-09

All the parts for elevating your P-07/09 to a professional grade level of performance.  Delivers a much more crisp SA break, shorter SA reset, and noticeably improves the DA.   USA Made CGW parts are designed to deliver exceptional performance and unequaled durability.

Hammers are cut from 4140 steel and heat treated significantly harder than factory, then we DLC coat the hammer for unequaled durability.  Nothing else comes remotely close to this level of detail and uncompromising reliability.

NOTE:  CGW recommends you measure the factory roller and order the same size, or the next size smaller CGW roller.  Any questions please email or call.

All CGW hard parts feature a lifetime warranty.


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P-07 / P-09 Roller Bearing

CGW precision machined, heat treated and polished roller Made in the USA.  One of the components in creating the a smoother DA.  See "Description" for additional info.

Please note rollers from the factory can vary significantly in OD, from .210" to .235".  The reason is this is how the factory corrects the "timing" of the system when the guns are assembled.  Recently the factory seems to have narrowed this range and most newer P07/09's are in the .215" to .225" range.  CGW makes rollers in .220" and .230".

Please contact CGW if you need technical assistance with the roller.

NOTE:  Does not fit the P-01 or 75B Omega

Omega Trigger

CGW has adapted the popular "Old Style" 85 Trigger to the omega series.  Includes over-travel screw, trigger return installation slave pin & adjustment wrench.

Please note you can select the less expensive "matte" gray/SS finish, or the more expensive "black" DLC coated SS version.   Both use the same base trigger, only the color and pricing is different.


  • 1- 92030
  • 1- 91000
  • 1- RPTRS
  • 1- HPIN
  • 1- 51824
  • 1- HS-18
  • 1- HS-15
  • 1- 500318


Installation Tutorial

CGW was the first and only gunsmith shop to work with the Omega lock work back in 2011.  We are considered by many to be the leader in upgrades for the Omega system.   We also understand the nuances of the Omega system and can help with diagnostics.