Standard Package (formerly Defensive Carry) for 97 Manual Safety

CGW’s Standard Package (formerly known as Defensive Carry Package) for the 97 Series Manual Safety. Everything you need to transform your CZ to delivering a smooth, crisp, durable, and reliable CZ.   Ideal for self defense, range, home defense and weekend shooting events.

Looking for SAO (Single Action Only) kit? Add either of the SAO triggers below to this kit.

Looking for the ultimate upgrade? We recommend our Pro-Package. It includes everything in the Standard Package with the addition of our Reach Reduction Kit, for only $88.00 more. The addition of the Reach Reduction Kit moves the at-rest position of the trigger rearward 5 mm and stops the trigger once it resets.  Includes our ergonomic 75585 SS trigger


From: $213.00

Manual Safety Hammer

Famous Cajun Gun Works manual safety blue steel hammer, machined from a solid high carbon steel billet blank using the Electron Discharge Machining method, precision ground, and heat treated to RC53 (OEM is RC45).   Coated in a Charcoal Black DLC.  Drops in and produces a 3lb 8oz single action (on average).  Lifetime Warranty.

Recommended if you already have a Cajun Gun Works adjustable sear of if you want to hard fit your CZ OEM sear.  Hard fitting is not recommended for the novice or anyone inexperienced in hard fitting the CZ OEM sear to the manual safety.

5SAO Single Action Only Aluminum Trigger

5SAO factory trigger CGW modifies for pre-travel, so it will have pre- and over-travel capability.  Supplied with a trigger return spring installation slave pin and 1.5 mm allen wrench.

Single Action Aluminum Trigger

Made in the USA from 6016 aluminum, black anodized, straight single-action only trigger with pre-and over-travel adjustment.

All Cajun Gun Works supplied triggers include a 1.5mm allen wrench for your convenience.

We also highly recommend our TR-PIN floating trigger pin and RP-TRS trigger return spring.

NOTE:  This is a conversion, which means it will delete the DA feature once installed.  For use in standard/classic lock work manual safety CZ's only.  Not for use in any CZ decocker pistol, does not work in the Omega P-01/75B, or P-07/09.

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  • 1 – AS-B Adjustable Sear
  • 1 – TR-PIN Floating Trigger Pin
  • 1 – RP-TRS Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
  • 1 – HS-13 13# Hammer Spring
  • 1 – 61060 Firing Pin
  • 1 – 61100 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
  • 1 – RP-FPBS Reduced Power Plunging Spring
  • 1 – 14M Machined Lifting Arm
  • 2 – 28 Grip Screws
  • 2 – H-PIN Hammer Pin

Defensive Carry Package Install Tutorial