61050 Extended Firing Pin

Perfection series S-7 tool steel firing pin for all firing pin block CZ’s.  Made in the USA and heat treated to RC45 & includes a matching firing pin spring.  Fits all full size SP-01 manual safety and SP-01 decocker, compacts including the P-01, PCR, 75B, 75B compact, RAMI, 40B, and polymer models P-07/09.

Use with a CGW 11.5#, 13#, or 15# in metal framed CZ’s.  Use the 15# or 18# hammer spring in the P-07/P-09.  Does not fit 97B-BD, Shadow, 85C, or CZ-82/83.

Life Time Warranty (must be used with 61100 firing pin retaining pin).



TECH TIP:  Must use the CGW 61100 spring steel firing pin retaining pin.  Do not use any solid firing pin retaining pin or you will void the warranty.