61050 Extended Firing Pin

Made in the USA from premium S-7 tool steel, heat treated to perfection, comes with a reduced power FP spring.   Extended length to ensure reliable ignition with reduced power hammer springs.

Fits virtually all CZ’s with a firing pin block safety (excluding 97B/BD, see part number 61060), including 75 series and 85B, P-07/09, 40 series, and P-01 75B Omega.

NOTE:  This firing is safe for carry with a round loaded in the chamber and the hammer in the down position.   For use with reduced power hammer springs only and selected hammer spring varies with model, please contact CGW for recommendations or see “Description” for additional info.

Life Time Warranty only when used with CGW 61100 firing pin retaining pin.




TECH TIP:  Must use the CGW 61100 spring steel firing pin retaining pin.  Do not use any solid firing pin retaining pin or you will void the warranty.

Fits the SP-01 manual safety, SP-01 Tactical, metal framed compacts P-01 (alloy framed decocker and steel framed manual safety), 75D/PCR, 75B & BD, 75B SA, Phantom, 75B Compact, RAMI B & BD, 85B, 40P and 40B, P-07/09 and P-01 and 75B Omega,