Manual Safety Hammer

Famous Cajun Gun Works manual safety blue steel hammer, machined from a solid high carbon steel billet blank using the Electron Discharge Machining method, precision ground, and heat treated to RC53 (OEM is RC45).   Coated in a Charcoal Black DLC.  Drops in and produces a 3lb 8oz single action (on average).  Lifetime Warranty.

Recommended if you already have a Cajun Gun Works adjustable sear of if you want to hard fit your CZ OEM sear.  Hard fitting is not recommended for the novice or anyone inexperienced in hard fitting the CZ OEM sear to the manual safety.

Installation Instructions

** Note: Non Firing Pin Block firearms such as the Shadow 2, will require a sear spacer. To order this item please click the link.




We highly recommend new CGW hammer pins, part number HPIN.

We also highly recommend the use of our ASB adjustable sear.  If you elect to use the factory sear, you will have to carefully and precisely cut/grind/fit the sears safety arm to the safety.  It is much safer and far more convenient to simply use our ASB.  ASB is a vastly improved part and carries a lifetime warranty.