75100 Defensive Carry Package Manual Safety 75


Defensive Carry Package for the 75B manual safety series.  Fits all full size and compacts that use a firing pin block.  Transforms your CZ delivering a smooth 8lb DA, a crisp 3lb 8oz SA, and cuts the SA reset 50%.  NOTE:  Special starter punch, part number SP not included.


Manual Safety Hammer

Famous Cajun Gun Works manual safety blue steel hammer, machined from a solid high carbon steel billet blank using the Electron Discharge Machining method, precision ground, and heat treated to RC53 (OEM is RC45).   Drops in and produces a 3lb 8oz single action (on average).  Lifetime Warranty


Tutorial for Manual Safety Series

TECH TIP:  We suggest a 3mm roll pin punch for removal of the firing pin retaining pin.  Be sure and orient the 61100 with the open end “up” at the 12 0’clock position.

NOTE:  If you would like to order a Production Legal Kit please see Part Number 75105.