IDPA Production Legal Decocker Kit with Combat Trigger

IDPA Production Legal full upgrade kit for the decocker 75 series and produces a 3# or less SA trigger pull not suitable for self-defense.  Includes 75BD, P-01, SP-01 Tactical, and all 75 series decockers.  All parts are 100% compliant for production class use.  For self-defense, range use, & law enforcement/military use, see 75200 and 75210.  Does not fit the Omega. NOTE:  For hardcore “Competition” and “Race” Gun Use Only”.  Absolutely No Substitutions.  Individual parts cannot be returned for a refund.

Installation Instructions




NOTE:  For hardcore “Competition” and “Race” gun use only, not recommended for self-defense, range use, and law enforcement/military applications.  Produces a 3# SA pull or less.  See our 75200 and 75210 kits for all other applications.  NOTE:  Does not fit the Omega.   

  1. 10035 CZC Hammer cut for decocker.
  2. 1485T2 disconnector
  3. TRPIN
  4. RPTRS
  5. 85C Combat trigger
  6. 2 x 75009
  7. SRS-2
  8. 2 x 28 grip screw