050-583 Dawson Precision P-07/09 P-10 Fiber Optic Front Sight

All steel F/O front sight is a direct replacement for the front CZ P-07/09 & P-10 C sight.  This is the exact same height as the OEM sight, but uses the popular .095″ width front post (OEM is 3mm or .118″).   Installs exactly like the OEM sight with a set screw.  As with all replacement sights, a slight amount of fitting is required.

NOTE:  The CZ P-10 C front sight is the same as the CZ P-07/09, however, the CZ P-10 C uses the exact same rear sight cut as the CZ Shadow 1 & 2, but Shadow sights are too tall for the CZ P-10 C and are not suitable.


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TECH TIP:  The CZ-UB factory had problems with the early CZ P-07/09 front sights coming loose and eventually falling out of the dovetail.  They now use a very strong adhesive to prevent this.  We suggest putting the slide in a padded vise, remove the set screw in the OEM front sight, and heat the sight blade with a propane torch until it is very warm to nearly hot.  You won’t harm the super durable finish on the slide.  This will soften the adhesive, then use a brass drift to remove.  You probably will not be able to save the OEM front sight for future use.  We strongly recommend using blue Loctite on the slide sight base.