Left Side Decocking Lever for CZ SP-01 Tactical

CZ OEM, ambi-left side decocker lever for SP-01 Tactical series.   See part number 10707RH if you need the RH lever assembly as well.  Can also be used on the CZ-97BD and is a direct, drop in fit.

NOTE:  Left and right sides of the pistol are as you would normally hold the firearm.


In stock


Tech Tip:  When removing the decocker lever, only lift the sear springs long arm just enough to get the lever to move out to the left.  Do not raise the sear springs long leg and “prop” it up on the sear cage.  This will ruin the sear spring.

This can be installed on the CZ 97BD model with the matching RH side decocker lever with no modifications if you want to convert your 97BD to ambi-decock controls.