Fiber Optic Front Sight

Fiber optic front sight for our 017-018 fully adjustable rear sight.

NOTE: Never order a replacement front sight for your CZ until you measure the actual blade height of your exiting front sight.  See Tech Tips for more info.  If you don’t do your “home work” on any replacement sight, and you install it, and it won’t hit to Point of Aim, you cannot return it.

For best results contact CGW for tech support on a replacement sight.



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Tech Tip:  Front and rear sights must be properly regulated to keep your shots on target.  Always measure the blade height (do not measure the dovetail base, only the actual blade itself) before you replace any sight on your CZ.   You can always call CGW for tech support

  • Blade Width: .095″
  • Blade Height: .277″
  • Total Height: .340″
  • Fiber Optic Rod: 1.0mm