Shadow 2 Reach Reduction Kit


Shadow 2 Reach Reduction Kit with ultra-short reset now USPSA Production approved.  Cajun Gun Works’ famous RRK that permanently re-positions the trigger rearward with the hammer fully lowered an amazing 5 mm’s and reduces single action pre-travel dramatically.  Includes our “old style” stainless steel 85C trigger “Made in the USA”  with pre and over-travel screws so you can custom tune to your CZ.

This not only relocates the trigger, but it also doubles as an ultra-short reset for single action.  

Includes 2 different hammer pins (1 x HPIN and 1 x 75009) so you can be assured a secure attachment to either the factory hammer or Cajun Gun Works hammer.  Lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.


75585 "Old Style" Trigger

This is a faithful reproduction of the "old style" 85C trigger.  The O/S trigger is straighter than all CZ triggers and has a very comfortable contoured finger pad on the trigger face.  Made in the USA from Stainless Steel, finished in an attractive matte.  Fixes "trigger Bite" the small black re-curve is known for.  Includes only the SA over-travel screw.  Upper trigger area is drilled and tapped to accommodate the CGW Reach Reduction System.


Benefits of the proven Cajun Gun Works, RRK system:

  • Relocates the trigger rearward 5 mm’s (nearly 1/4″ of an inch) with the hammer down
  • Reduces the DA lock time 15%
  • Increases leverage on the trigger for better “felt” DA trigger pull
  • Doubles as an ultra-short reset for single action
  • Includes pre- and over-travel screws for a true custom fit to your CZ
  • Includes 2 different hammer pins, our HPIN for use in Cajun Gun Works hammers, as well as our 75009 hammer pin (has a small shoulder or step) for use in all factory hammers for a secure, ultra-reliable installation
  • Smooth faced, heat treated, “old style” 85 trigger in stainless steel is the ultimate in comfort and durability

TECH TIP:  We strongly recommend our unique “starter” punch, part number SP, to break the staking on the factory hammer pins.   We strongly recommend loctite #648 for the top screw (271 as a 2nd choice) and either loctite 222MS or 220 on the center over-travel screw.   Any questions please contact Cajun Gun Works (see our phone numbers on the website home page) for tech support. DOES NOT INCLUDE OUR TR-PIN OR RP-TRS BUT BOTH ARE RECOMMENDED!

Additional information

Weight .024 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .5 in

75585 "Old Style" Trigger


Stainless Steel, Black Nitrite