Combat Trigger

Factory original CZ 85 Combat trigger.  Great replacement trigger to replace the often complained about black “recurve” trigger.  Fits virtually all CZ’s that use the “standard/classic” lock work.

If you want a trigger with even better ergonomics than the 85C, see our 75585 “Old Style” CGW Made in the USA trigger, that has been proven to eliminate “trigger bite” 100% of the time.

We also strongly recommend our TR-PIN floating trigger pin and RP-TRS trigger return spring.

NOTE:  for the Omega and P-07/09, see our part number 97585 Old Style trigger made exclusively for these models.



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TECH TIP:  Fits all full size and compact CZ’s as well as the CZ-97B/BD and RAMI.  Does not fit the 75B/P-01 Omega or P-07/09 or Tactical Sport.   You will need our TR-PIN replacement trigger pin and SP starter punch to remove the throwaway CZ factory trigger pin.  Consider our RP-TRS too.