Reach Reduction Kit Installation Instructions

  1. If you are not familiar with the procedures to disassemble and reassemble your CZ pistol, it is recommended you find a competent local gunsmith. You can also send your CZ to CGW for installation if necessary. Disassembly help can be found on the CGW website home page, see the
  2. “TUTORIALS” for dis- and reassembly of your CZ.
  3. Before installation, ensure the pistol is unloaded. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  4. Remove the magazine and slide assembly, remove the sear cage, remove the hammer assembly, remove the original disconnector and install the special CGW disconnector. Leave the hammer out for now until the trigger bar assembly is removed and reinstalled.
  5. Remove the OEM trigger pivot pin using the CGW starter punch #SP, remove the trigger bar assembly, replace the original trigger with the CGW trigger. Use a steel slave pin (one is included in the CGW TR PIN kit) to retain the trigger return spring. Replace the OEM trigger pin with a CGW floating tool steel trigger pin, part number TRPIN as a replacement. BOTH THREADED HOLES IN THE TRIGGER MUST BE DEGREASED AS WELL AS THE 2 SET SCREWS. Once degreased, install the screws in the trigger.
    • Please note the shorter 3mm x 3mm set screw goes in the top hole, the longer 3mm x 4mm screw goes in the over-travel hole in the center of the trigger.
    • This is critical.
  6. Completely reassemble the pistol and install the slide assembly, leave the magazine out for now.
  7. Fully cock the pistol in SA, hold the hammer from falling as you depress the trigger and fully lower the hammer carefully by hand being certain to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Hold the trigger back not allowing it to return forward. You are now in the double action pre-reset mode.
  8. Very slowly allow the trigger to return fully forward, feeling & listening for the trigger reset.
  9. If the action will not reset, screw the upper set-screw inward slightly.
  10. If the action resets, but the trigger continues to travel forward after reset, back the upper set-screw out.
  11. The goal is to have full, reliable reset, precisely at the time the set screw limits the trigger’s forward travel in the double action mode.
  12. The best Loctite on the upper set screw (3mmx3mm) is the red Loctite once the optimum setting is established. We suggest getting the feel for the proper adjustment, then back out the upper screw to expose as many of the threads as possible w/o the screw backing all the way out. Apply a very small amount of red Loctite, then make the final adjustment.
  13. Once adjusted properly, the action should reset consistently. With the trigger at reset, you should see a rearward relocation of the trigger 5mm’s when finished. We recommend blue Loctite on the longer 3mm x 4mm single action over-travel set screw.
  14. You should notice the DA stroke is now shorter and quicker, which is an unadvertised additional benefit, since the RRK also reduces the double action lock time. The mechanical leverage of the trigger is now different and produces a lighter “felt” DA trigger pull.
  15. With the stock springs, reliability will be 100% in DA. If you use a lighter hammer spring, 13#’s is the lightest you can use, but you MUST change the firing spring or miss-fires will result. You must use CGW’s extended firing pin for hammer springs lighter than 13#’s.
  16. The longer 3mm set screw is adjusted based on the hammer hook(s) completely clearing the sear’s leading edge with the trigger fully depressed in single action. The hammer hooks cannot contact or drag on the sear’s leading edge at the moment the sear releases from the hammer hook(s).

Contact CGW for technical support or questions by using our contact page on our website.

Or call 318-738-1464 select option 1

Modification of your firearm may void the warranty of the manufacturer. This product or any CGW product should be installed by a qualified gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury as a result of improper installation or use of this or any other CGW products.