Floating Trigger Pin

A must have for virtually all 75 series CZ’s.  Developed nearly 10 years ago, this pin has been put to the test globally in tens of thousands of CZ’s under every imaginable condition.

Made from the best steel, then precision finish ground to exactly the same size as the factory original throw-away trigger pivot pin.  Our pin is designed to work with either the stock trigger return spring or the slightly narrower CGW reduced power trigger return spring.

Don’t buy a cheap imitation of of the original floating trigger pin.  The CGW pin is bet-your-life reliable and real world tested in every corner of the globe.  Can be removed an unlimited number of times, making the CZ design routinely serviceable.   Allows you to replace a broken trigger return spring anywhere, anytime, in a matter of minutes.  See our RPTRS trigger return if want a better spring.

Comes with a super handy installation slave pin for retaining the trigger return spring, making installation of the trigger a breeze.  We strongly suggest you get our starter punch, part number SP, to break the tough flare on the original factory pin.

Lifetime warranty

See “Description” for tech tips






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TECH TIP:   Installation of the TRPIN will require removal of the CZ factory trigger pin, which is a tough, hollow steel tube, flared on each end.

The CZ factory pin is not a roll pin.  Cajun Gun Works’ forged steel starter punch, part number SP is highly recommended to keep you from gouging and scratching your frame if you use an inadequate pin punch.  A regular pin punch typically will not work.