Omega Kit

Lock work upgrade system for the metal framed Omega Series, 75B Omega & P-01 Omega.  Elevates the Omega system to a new level of performance and reliability.

NOTE:  Does not fit P-07/09.




From: $219.50

Omega Trigger

CGW has adapted the popular "Old Style" 85 Trigger to the omega series.  Includes over-travel screw, trigger return installation slave pin & adjustment wrench.

Please note you can select the less expensive "matte" gray/SS finish, or the more expensive "black" DLC coated SS version.   Both use the same base trigger, only the color and pricing is different.


  • 1- 92030
  • 1- 91000
  • 1- RPTRS
  • 1- HPIN
  • 1- 51824
  • 1- 75220
  • 1- HS-13
  • 1- 500318


Reduces the SA reset up to 50%, cuts the DA pull weight from 11-12 lbs. down to an average of 8 lbs., yet retains reliability.  Drops into the metal framed Omega’s, 75B Omega and P-01 Omega.  See our Technical Support menu selection for installation instructions.  Easy to install with common hand tools.   All hard parts carry the CGW lifetime replacement warranty.

Consists of:

  • Precision manufactured CGW hammer for a crisp break in SA
  • CGW short reset system
  • CGW reduced power improved life trigger return spring
  • Increased power sear spring kit
  • CGW precision machined and pre-polished roller

NOTE: Does not fit P-07/09.