Pro-Package for 97 Manual Safety

CGW’s Pro-Package for the 97 Series Manual Safety. Everything you need to transform your CZ to a smooth 8lb DA (Double Action), crisp 3lb 8oz SA (Single Action), and cuts the SA reset 50%. In addition, the included reach reduction kit moves the at-rest position of the trigger rearward 5mm and stops the trigger once it resets. A full list of parts included with this kit are detailed below in the “Description” tab.

Looking for SAO (Single Action Only) kit? We recommend our Standard Package with the addition of either of the SAO triggers listed below the package.

Not interested in a more relaxed trigger position? We recommend our Standard Package which includes everything in our Pro-Package without the upgraded CGW disconnector and trigger.

NOTE:  Special starter punch, part number SP is not included.  Individual parts cannot be returned for a refund.

Installation Instructions



Manual Safety Hammer

CGW Triggers


  • 1 – ASB Adjustable Sear
  • 1 – TRPIN Floating Trigger Pin
  • 1 – RPTRS Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
  • 1 – HS-13 13# Hammer Spring
  • 1 – 61060 Firing Pin
  • 1 – 61100 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
  • 1 -72750 Lite weight firing pin block plunger spring
  • 1 – 14M Machined Lifting Arm
  • 2 – 28 Grip Screws
  • 2 – HPIN Hammer Pin
  • 1 – 75585 “Old Style” Trigger or 75665 DA/ SA Flat Trigger
  • 1 – 1487T4 Hybrid Disconnector
  • 1- LSpring
  • 1- 500318 Extra Heavy Firing Pin Block Plunger Spring