Standard Package (formerly Defensive Carry) for 97 Decockers

CGW’s Standard Package (formerly known as Defensive Carry Package) for the 97 Series Decockers. Everything you need to transform your CZ to a smooth, crisp, safe, durable, and reliable pistol.   A full list of parts included with this kit are detailed in the “Description” tab.

Looking for the ultimate upgrade? We recommend our Pro-Package. It includes everything in the Standard Package with the addition of our Reach Reduction Kit. The addition of the Reach Reduction Kit moves the at-rest position of the trigger rearward 5 mm and stops the trigger once it resets.

NOTE:  Installation kit part number INST-DC is not included, but is highly recommended.

Installation Instructions

Lifetime warranty on all CGW hard parts.



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Decocker Hammer


  • 1 – TRPIN Floating Trigger Pin
  • CGW performance hammer, Race, Ring, carbon, or SS
  • 1 – RPTRS Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring
  • 1 – HS-13 13# Hammer Spring
  • 1 – 61060 Firing Pin
  • 1 – 61100 Firing Pin Retaining Pin
  • 1 -72750 Lite weight firing pin block plunger spring
  • 1 – 14M Machined “Short” Lifter Arm
  • 2 – 28 Grip Screws
  • 2 – HPIN Hammer Pin
  • 1- LSpring
  • 1- 500318 Extra Heavy Firing Pin Block Plunger Spring

Tutorial for Decocker

TECH TIP:  We suggest a 3mm roll pin punch for removal of the firing pin retaining pin from the slide.  Use this same punch as a guide for lining up the flats on the firing pin, then drive in the new CGW 61100 tempered steel firing pin retaining pin from the left-hand side.  Be sure and orient the 61100 with the open end “up” at the 12 0’clock position.