RRK-T2 Reach Reduction Kit Type 2


The RRK-T2 can only be used with one of our SRS (Short Reset Systems).  If you install the RRK-T2 w/o either the SRS-1 or SRS-2, your CZ will not reset.  One of our most popular products with tens of thousands in service in self defense, law enforcement use, range guns, and home defense.  Fits  both manual safety as well as decockers.  For all 75B-BD,85B, 2075 RAMI B/BD, 97B-BD, P-01, PCR, 40P, 40B, etc.  Does not fit 75B Omega and Shadow (however pending the recent change in USPSA rules, CGW may be offering an RRK specifically for the Shadow soon).

Please order an SRS-1 or an SRS-2 along with the RRK-T2.


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Tutorial for Manual Safety Series

Tutorial for Decocker

The Reach Reduction Kit includes the following:

  • New modified 85C combat trigger
  • New CGW RRK disconnector
  • Allen wrench
  • Trigger pin slave pin

The Most Frequently Asked Questions on the RRK

  • Is the double action take-up eliminated with the RRK?  Essentially, yes.  There is only about 1 mm of take-up in DA, so the DA stroke occurs almost immediately.
  • Is the single action trigger set point moved or changed?  No.  The SA is not affected in any way.
  • Does the RRK change the way my pistol operates?  No.  Your pistol will work exactly like does out of the box, nothing is affected, your manual safety and decocker will work the same.
  • Is it legal for shooting sports?  Not at this time.  The pre-travel set screw installed on the upper area of the trigger is visible.  However, you can use the modified RRK disconnector w/o the upper trigger screw to noticeable reduce the DA stroke.
  • Can the RRK be used with other modifications such as CGW hammer kits?  Yes.  The RRK is a completely independent modification and neither affects nor is affected by other custom add-ons.
  • Can you use any hammer spring with the RRK?  No.  Since the DA stroke is shorter and much quicker with the RRK, the minimum hammer spring recommended is 13#’s.  You can use a lighter hammer spring, such as our HS-12000 (11.5#) if you use an extended firing pin.
  • Is the DA “feel” affected?  Yes.  The RRK noticeably shortens and quickens the DA pull stroke, reducing the DA lock time about 15%.  Also the mechanical leverage is altered giving the impression of a much lighter trigger pull.

NOTE:  This single kit fits all 75 series CZ’s including the manual safety and decockers, SP, P-01, PCR, 97B & 9BD, RAMI, 85B, etc.  Does not fit the Omega Series or the CZ82/83.

NOTE:  The RRK is a system and requires a modified 85C trigger and a modified disconnector to achieve the reach reduction affect.  A trigger alone will produce little to modest relocation of the trigger.

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