EZD97 Fiber Optic Sight Set CZ 97B

CGW fixed front and rear sight set for the CZ-97B/BD, outstanding for shooters 40 and older.   Uses the principles of contrast and light to create a sight picture almost everyone can effortlessly pick up.  Great range/competition replacement sight set for the 97B/BD.




NOTE:  There are 2 set screws in the sight body:

  1.  The forward set screw helps retain the sight once fully installed.  We recommend de-greasing the sight body threads, as well as the set screw threads and applying a drop of “blue” loctite only.
  2. The rearward set screw is to arrest the “harmonics” that occur in all over-hung rear sights.  The rear set screw MUST BE LOCTITED using “red”, high strength loctite.  Failure to do this can result in a fracture and eventual failure of the sight.  We will not warranty the sight if the rear set screw has not been loctited.  Simply tighten this second set screw until it seats firmly on the top of the slide.