HPIN Hammer Pin


These are super hard, heat treated to RC60 and are a friction fit in Cajun Gun Works hammers, no staking or peening required.  Requires 2.  Recommended for use in Cajun Gun Works hammers.  List price is for one (1) hammer pin only.  If you need two (2) pins, you must order a quantity of two (2).

For an excellent press fit replacement trigger pin for factory CZ hammers, see our part number 75009.


In stock


Highly recommended as a replacement for the CZ OEM pins in Cajun Gun Works hammers.  Our pins are heat treated to RC60 (tool steel grade) which contributes to a smoother performing action.  Proudly “Made in the USA” from premium high carbon steel.

These pins are a press fit in Cajun Gun Works hammers and will not require peening or staking.  Please see our 75009 for a high quality trigger pin for use in the stock CZ hammer as well as the CZ competition hammer (10035, 10040, & 10035 D/C).