HPIN Hammer Pin

See “Description” for important installation information.

These are super hard, heat treated to RC60, and are a friction fit in Cajun Gun Works hammers, so no staking or peening is required.  Requires 2 for DA/SA pistols; only 1 is needed for single-action only pistols.  Fits virtually all CZ’s that use a CGW performance hammer.

One end of the HPIN has a slight bevel to ensure it starts into the hammer easily.  This bevel also ensures the pin starts straight, eliminating any misalignment.

NOTE:  For factory CZ hammers including CGW part numbers 10035, 10035 D/C, and 10040 CZ Competition hammers and hammer kit, a different hammer pin is needed, see our part number 75009.

See “Description” for Tech Tips and important install information.



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TECH TIP:   The only issue we encounter from customers is they can’t get the pin(s) to go fully into the hammer.  The reason is simple:  if you are laying the hammer on a plastic bench block, or a soft piece of wood, and using a pin punch, you will never get the pins in.

The solution is to use a steel bench block, or similar very solid base to set the hammer on, then use our starter punch (part number SP) or similar/suitable strong shouldered type punch, and the pins will go in every time.  DO NOT use a vise to install the pins in the hammer, we will not warranty the hammer if you damage it.

Highly recommended as a replacement for the soft CZ factory pins.  Our pins are heat treated to RC60 (tool steel grade) which contributes to a smoother action.  Proudly “Made in the USA” from premium high carbon steel.