AS-B Adjustable Sear


A CGW exclusive part that revolutionized CZ home gunsmithing.  Allows anyone to drop in a high performance hammer and effortlessly establish the perfect clearance between the sear nose and manual safety.  Made from premium high carbon steel, heat treated, and mirror polished.  Makes installation of the CGW Race hammer or the CZC Competition hammer fool-proof.



TECH TIP:  The CGW adjustable sear does not “adjust” the trigger pull in any way.  The super hard CGW adjustable sear is designed to allow the manual safety to work perfectly and safely when installing a performance hammer.   Instructions are included and red Loctite must be used on the heat treated stainless steel adjusting screw.  Once the clearance screw is loctited in place, it is virtually impossible to re-adjust or remove the adjuster screw, effectively making the sear a one piece part.    Over 20,000 have been sold and has been battle proven in Law Enforcement, personal defense, competition, and range use, to be one of our most reliable and durable products.

Dropping in any performance hammer, i.e. CGW Race Hammer or the CZ Competition Hammer will affect the sears final break-away angle.  The change in this critical angle will block the safeties function, rendering the safety inoperative, therefore no firearm should be pressed into service unless the safeties proper function is restored.  This can be accomplished by fitting the OEM sear to the lock work, or better yet, installing the CGW adjustable sear.

Additional information

Weight0.008 lbs
Dimensions1 x 1 x .25 in