Omega Sear Spring Kit

These springs allow you to effortlessly tune your single-action trigger pull on the Omega series.   CGW .022″ wire diameter (natural = lighter SA pull) and .024″ wire diameter (red = heavier SA pull) sear springs allow an increase in the single-action pull weight and also prevent “hammer follow”.

These are mandatory if you use our 91000 high-performance CGW Omega hammer.




Use these increased power sear springs to tune your single action pull weight.  The natural spring the lighter spring and features a .022″ wire diameter.

The red spring features a .024″ wire diameter and is the heavier of the two.

These springs allow you to tune your SA pull weight to your preference.

If you install the CGW performance hammer, this spring kit is mandatory to prevent hammer follow.

The new 51818 “red” sear spring replaces the discontinued “blue” CGW sear spring.