P-07 / P-09 Roller Bearing

CGW precision machined, heat treated and polished roller Made in the USA.  One of the components in creating the a smoother DA.  See “Description” for additional info.

Please note rollers from the factory can vary significantly in OD, from .210″ to .235″.  The reason is this is how the factory corrects the “timing” of the system when the guns are assembled.  Recently the factory seems to have narrowed this range and most newer P07/09’s are in the .215″ to .225″ range.  CGW makes rollers in .220″ and .230″.

Please contact CGW if you need technical assistance with the roller.

NOTE:  Does not fit the P-01 or 75B Omega




TECH TIP:  The factory roller OD can vary quite a bit, ranging from .210″ – .235″.  If possible, measure your factory roller, ideally the CGW roller should be the same diameter or slightly larger OD compared to the factory roller.  Call for tech support if needed.