Decocker Hammer Installation Instructions

Please note the 75 series decocker CZ is the most difficult CZ to disassemble and reassemble.  If you have viewed the CGW decocker website tutorials and do not feel comfortable installing a performance hammer, contact your local gunsmith or CGW. 

  • CGW’s installation kit for decockers, part number INST-DC contains a sear cage slave pin manufactured just for the CZ decocker sear cage.  Reassembly is not possible without this slave pin or a slave pin made to the same basic size.  A special 1/16” starter punch is also part of this install kit.
  • New hammer pins, CGW part number: HPIN are highly recommended.  Please note the CGW HPINS do not need to be staked when used with a CGW hammer.
  • Reinstall the hammer strut and disconnector onto the CGW hammer.  Ensure the pins are flush with the sides of the hammer body.
  • Install the CGW hammer assembly followed by the sear cage.
  • Reassemble the pistol including the slide assembly.
  • Check the pistol for proper decocking.
  • Check the pistol for proper SA and DA trigger function.
  • The SA trigger pull should be significantly improved compared to the original hammer.

Contact CGW for technical support or questions by using our contact page on our website.

Or call 318-738-1464 select option 1

Modification of your firearm may void the warranty of the manufacturer. This product or any CGW product should be installed by a qualified gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury as a result of improper installation or use of this or any other CGW products.