CZ P-10 Package

An affordable, effective upgrade that can improve the performance and reliability of the already great P-10  platform. All parts are designed by Cajun Gun Works and easily drop in to enhance the comfort and performance of your CZ P-10.

All Cajun Gun Works hard parts carry our lifetime parts warranty to the original purchaser.


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Enhance your CZ P-10  performance and durability with these parts:


  • 10300 – Tool steel striker, replaces the MIM factory part
  • 10150 – Steel “T” block, replaces the factory plastic item
  • 10195 – P-10 T-Block Plunger Spring
  • 10210 – 3.5mm Frame Retention Pin
  • 10200 – 2.5mm Frame Retention Pin (2)
  • 30283 – CGW P-10 Striker Spring