CZ P-10 C Package

An affordable, effective upgrade that can improve the performance and reliability of the already great P-10 C platform. All parts are designed by Cajun Gun Works and easily drop in to enhance the comfort and performance of your CZ P-10 C.

All Cajun Gun Works hard parts carry our lifetime parts warranty to the original purchaser.

From: $83.00

CZ P-10 C Short Reset Trigger

CGW's new CZ P-10 C short reset trigger. Drops in and produces a reduction in pre-travel.  The over-travel stop is built into the trigger body.

The trigger is curved to position the trigger finger in the center of the trigger, resulting in a more consistent trigger pull. This curve also helps keep the trigger finger away from the bottom tip of the trigger.

This trigger is longer than the stock CZ P-10 C plastic trigger and has been extended as close to the bottom of the trigger guard as reliably possible. This longer trigger, combined with the curve, virtually eliminates trigger "sting" or "bite". The center pivot is flush with the trigger face during use, resulting in a comfortable "all day" trigger.

Features CGW's exclusive Lifetime Warranty. Proudly Made in the USA.


Enhance your CZ P-10 C’s performance and durability with these parts:


  • 10300 – Tool steel striker, replaces the MIM factory part
  • 10150 – Steel “T” block, replaces the factory plastic item
  • 10195 – P-10 T-Block Plunger Spring
  • 10210 – 3.5mm Frame Retention Pin
  • 10200 – 2.5mm Frame Retention Pin (2)
  • 30283 – CGW P-10 Striker Spring