Cerakote is a spray-on resin that is baked to cure.  It is the premier paint in the industry.  Cerakote can be applied in solid colors, camo patterns, and distressed battle-worn finishes.  Cerakote comes in over 200 colors which can be found on their website. Their website also provides a gallery of CZ projects with the color codes used for the project listed.

What can Cerakote be applied to?

Cerakote can be applied to steel, aluminum, and polymer materials.  It works best for slides and frames.  Since Cerakote is not as hard as electroplated finishes we do not apply it to barrels.  It can be applied to some controls, but we do not recommend it since they will show wear faster than the rest of the firearm.  Polymer frames tend to warp slightly during the bake to cure the Cerakote.  This does not usually cause problems in the gun but can be visually noticeable.

How do I care for Cerakote?

Cerakote is corrosion resistant as long as the coating is kept intact.  Holster wear will occur, so it is best to store firearms in a case when not in use.

Gun PartPrice (Solid Colors)Price (Camo or Battle-worn)
Slide Only$130$215
Frame Only$160$220