Anodizing hardens the surface of the aluminum and allows nearly any color to be applied.  Patterns can be created in the anodizing as well.  Due to the versatility of the finish anodizing usually takes the longest to turn around.

What can be anodized?

Although stainless steel can be anodized, we only use aluminum parts for this finish.  Since there are various grades of aluminum, colors may vary from part to part even if they are done in the same batch.  Likewise, two batches of aluminum parts done in the same color may not match perfectly either.  Specific colors are not guaranteed but we can usually get close for most requests.  Aluminum parts will also not be possible to match with steel parts (i.e., yellow anodizing will not match gold TiN).

How do I care for anodized parts?

No special care is necessary for anodized parts.  Keep in mind that the color is trapped in the surface so scratches will show on aluminum components.

Gun PartPrice (Solid Colors)
Base Pads$30 ea.
Gun PartPrice (Patterns)
Base Pads$75 ea.