10035 OEM Production Legal Competition Hammer

CZ Competition factory manual safety hammer.  This is IDPA-SSP legal and is a very good hammer upgrade.  However, this factory hammer will not produce as good of a single action break as a CGW manufactured hammer.   This is a very good hammer at a slightly lower price compared to the CGW hammer.  Hammer pins not included, see 75009.  Sear not included, for the best results see 10040 hammer kit, or AS-B, CGW adjustable sear.

Construction of the factory hammer is very good, but does not equal the quality of steel alloy and heat treat used in a CGW hammer, nor does the factory hammer have the exclusive lifetime warranty of the CGW hammer.

For DA/SA builds, 2 part number 75009 hammer pins are required, for single action only builds, only 1 75009 hammer pin is needed.

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