10035 OEM Production Legal Competition Hammer

CZ-UB Factory Competition IDPA legal hammer. See the “no staking” required 75009 Cajun Gun Works hammer pin for an effortless install of the disconnector and hammer strut.

For USPSA Production, Cajun Gun Works line of hammers has been approved.


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TECH TIP:  Delivers a 3#’s or less single action. Not recommended for self-defense.  Please note when you buy only the hammer without the Cajun Gun Works adjustable sear, you must cut/grind/fit the CZ OEM sear nose to the manual safety, which can be difficult for the home gunsmith.  “Dropping” in this hammer with no other modifications will not allow the manual safety to work unless the sear is fitted as previously stated.  Consult with Cajun Gun Works tech support if needed.