IWI Pro-Package

CGW Pro-Package complete upgrade system for the 941 manual safety only Jericho 941 9 mm series pistols (does not fit nor work in the decocker models). Engineered to elevate the performance of the 941 to a world class level. Features all the upgrades CGW is known for:

1) CGW high performance hammer
2) CGW adjustable sear with secondary angle
3) “Hybrid” CGW disconnector
4) Heat treated pins to replace the factory roll pins
5) Extended firing pin with a reduced power spring
6) CGW music wire 13# hammer spring
7) Stainless steel, dual adjustable trigger (pre- and over-travel) with a reduced radius

The perfect upgrade for self-defense, range use, and weekend shooting events.

NOTE: The manual safety will function exactly the same as a CZ with upgraded parts.
With the hammer down or at half-cock, the safety can be applied up. However the manual safety should only be used with the hammer at full cock.

Lifetime warranty on all CGW hard parts.



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