050-390 Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front Sight

This fully machined fiber optic sight is the exact same height as the CZ OEM front sight (.215″) and works perfectly with the CZ OEM rear sight.  Since this sight is narrower, the sight picture is greatly enhanced.  Fits CZ SP-01, P-01, PCR, 75(B & C), 85(B & C), & 97B/BD, etc.

Does not fit the CZ RAMI or the Shadow models.  No drilling is required, this sight is fully machined and only needs very minor fitting.

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You will be amazed how well this fiber optic front sight works with the stock CZ OEM rear.  The 050-390 is much narrower (.095″) versus the stock front CZ OEM sight (.125″) which allows for a dramatic increase in light on both sides of the front post.  An excellent upgrade for a modest price.  Fully machined, no drilling or machining is needed, includes removal/installation punch and 1″ each of extra red and green fiber optic rod.