050-390 Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front Sight

This fully machined fiber optic sight is the same height as the CZ factory front sight (.215″) used in the majority of the 75 series.  Since this sight is narrower (.095″ compared to the factory .118″), the sight picture is greatly enhanced.  This sight is designed to work with the stock CZ factory rear sight only.

No drilling or cutting is required since it is fully machined with the roll pin retention groove.  As with all replacement sights, minor fitting is required.  See “Description” for more info.

Fits SP-01’s (excluding Shadow 1 & 2), P-01, 75D/PCR, 75 full size and compact, 85B/C, 97B/BD, etc.

NOTE:  1)  Does not fit RAMI.  2)  Does not work with the Shadow models or Tactical Sport.



In stock


Work the base of the sight only when fitting.  The sight must be a snug fit or it will eventually loosen.

You only get one chance to properly fit a sight, if you fit it too loose, CGW will not replace it as a warranty.

If you are not familiar with sight fitting, CGW recommends you seek a competent gunsmith or CGW can perform this if needed.  Contact CGW for info.