Decocker Slave Pin


A must for the installation of the decocker sear cage.  NOTE:  This slave pin is included in the INST-DC decocker installation kit.  Order our S-pin if you already have our starter punch (part# SP).


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TECH TIP:  You do not use the S-Pin to re-assemble the sear cage.  Use the CZ OEM #13 long sear pin to install the #14 lifter, #15 lifter spring, and #11 sear, and #12 sear spring from the right hand side, and use the #23 hammer spring plug retaining pin, started from the left hand side to install the #61 D/C lever and #62 D/C lever spring.  Push the #23 out with the #13 when completely assembled.  Then push out the #13 with the Cajun Gun Works S-Pin.  Position the #62 D/C lever springs right angle dog leg around the back of the #61 D/C lever.  Install the sear cage and drive in the #13 pin from the left hand side only, pushing the Cajun Gun Works S-Pin out of the frame on the right hand side.