Decocker Slave Pin

See “Description” for very important tech tips.

A must for the installation of the decocker sear cage.  It is impossible to reassemble the sear cage without some kind of slave pin.  So why not get one made to the ideal outside diameter, length, and with a radius on one end, making this pin ideal.  This is the slave pin only.

NOTE:  If you need the full install kit for CZ 75 series decocker, look at our part number INST-DC, which includes this slave pin as well as the CGW starter punch.  Made in the USA.

See “Description” for very important tech tips.



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TECH TIP:  The CGW slave pin is not what you use to actually reassemble the sear cage.  To reassemble, use the original long frame mounted #13 sear cage pin, and the #23 hammer spring plug retaining pin.  Once you have the sear cage fully assembled, slide the CGW slave pin from the RH side of the sear cage with the radius or bevel end first.

Then use the original long #13 sear pin, driven from the LH side only, pushing the CGW slave pin out from the RH side of the frame.

Note the RH side sear pin bore in the frame is smaller than the LH side, this by design to stop the sear pin and properly retain it.  Never, never, drive anything through the RH side other than the CGW slave pin, which is smaller than the RH side pin bore in the frame.  Driving any other pin through the RH side sear pin bore will RUIN the frame.