Sear Pin P-07 P-09

CGW designed sear pin is machined from 4140 steel.  This CGW pin limits the sears side-to-side movement.

This pin does not fit the metal framed P-01 and 75B Omega models.   This pin only fits the P-07 and P-09 polymer framed models.



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On all CZ P-07, P-09’s, the sear itself can move side to side, however this does not create a problem for all CZ P-07 and P-09’s.  The problem with sear movement is related to the locating groove on the underside of the sear.  This groove on the underside of the sear properly positions the disconnector in relation to the trigger bar.

If the sear moves enough, it can allow the disconnector to slip off the trigger bar, rendering the DA inoperative.  The CGW sear pin has a wider locating shoulder to minimize the side to side movement of the sear.