10040 IDPA Production Legal Hammer Kit

CZ Competition factory manual safety hammer kit.  This is IDPA-SSP legal and is a very good hammer kit upgrade.  However, this factory hammer will not produce as good of a single action break as a CGW manufactured hammer.   This is a very good hammer kit at a slightly lower price compared to the CGW hammer kit.  Hammer pins not included, see 75009.

Construction of the factory hammer is very good, but does not equal the quality of steel alloy and heat treat used in a CGW hammer, nor does the factory hammer have the exclusive lifetime warranty of the CGW hammer.

For an effortless install, also order the 75009 Cajun Gun Works hammer pin(s), which do not require “staking”, making the task much easier .  You need 2 pins for DA/DA builds, and only 1 pin for single action only builds.

Installation Instructions