10040 IDPA Production Legal Hammer Kit

CZ-UB production legal manual safety hammer kit utilizing the CZC hammer and CGW’s exclusive adjustable billet sear.  Produces a competition grade single action pull of 3#’s or less; not recommended for self defense use.   Will require the use of the CGW S-spacer when used in Shadow/85C, and all early model CZ’s that do not use a firing pin block.

For an effortless install, see the 75009 Cajun Gun Works hammer pin designed for a “no staking” required installation of the disconnector and hammer strut.



TECH TIP:  Dropping in a Production/IDPA legal hammer has never been easier.  CGW’s exclusive adjustable sear allows anyone to drop in a CZ factory hammer eliminating the need to cut/grind/fit the CZ OEM sear to the manual safety.  Makes the safety work with a perfect, positive “click”.   NOTE:  Since this typically drops in under 3#’s on the SA, this is not recommended for concealed carry CZ’s.