EZD Rear Sight Only

EZ/D “trapezoid” rear sight body only, should only be used with a 6.5mm total height front sight.  Cannot be used with the stock CZ .215″ front sight found on 9mm and .40 S&W models.  The EZ/D is regulated for use on the CZ-97 and works perfectly with the 97B/BD .215″ front sight.  Fits all CZ 75 series excluding the Shadow.  Manufactured by Dawson Precision exclusively for Cajun Gun Works.

Sight notch is .125″W x .140″D.  The unique “trapezoid” rear serrations offer contrast that works perfectly for shooters over 40.   See our EZ/D 9-40 and EZ/D 97 if you need a full sight set.




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TECH TIP:   We are often asked how to remove a CZ rear sight.  Cut 2 strips of leather, an old belt works well, use these strips to pad a good vise and clamp the slide tight.  We use a good brass rod/punch/drift and “whack” it hard with a big hammer.   Makes no difference on the direction since the dovetail and sight are straight cut.   You can easily remove the brass on the sight body using 0000 steel wool soaked with a small amount of oil.

Note:  This sight uses a single retention set screw.   There is a second set screw in the rear that arrests “harmonics” that occur in any over-hung sight design.  Use blue loctite on both set screws, tighten the front or forward retention set screw fully.  The rear set screw should only be turned in until contact is made with the slide.

This sight is regulated for use with a 6.5 MM total height front sight.  This will not hit POA/POI if used with the stock height front sight (5.4 MM or .215″ total height).

Uses a unique design that refracts light and creates a strong contrasting sight blade picture that works perfectly for shooters over 40, but still works extremely well for younger shooters, too.  Over-hung design drops at the rear of the slide to improve the sight radius, a critical component in improved accuracy.

Fits Canik/Tristar 3/8″ width dovetails, but will not fit Canik/Tristar 1/2″ width dovetails.