310-230 Dawson Precision Tritium Night Sights for CZ 75D/ PCR


All steel 4140, true Trijicon Tritium night sights developed exclusively for the CZ PCR only (does not fit any other CZ model).  These sights are true to the compact, concealable nature of the CZ PCR, being even more compact than the CZ OEM sights.  The front sight insert is larger than the 2 rear inserts, creating excellent contrast, causing the eye to instinctively pick up the front effortlessly.  The generous rear notch and large front insert allows these sights to double as excellent daytime sights.  NOTE:  As with all steel replacement sights, minor fitting is required.


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Sight dimensions:

Front:  3 mm wide x 3 mm tall x 11 mm total length

Rear:  3.5 mm notch width x 2.5 mm depth, total installed height of 6 mm, total width of 9 mm