Low Profile Sight Set for CZ P-01

Fixed low profile black serrated rear sight and fiber optic front sight.  Come with both red and green f/o rods, enough to change out the rods about 4 times.

See our Tech Tip for installation information.


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Tech Tip:  The tools provided in the sight kit are not intended to remove the OEM sights.  This requires special tools.  In our shop we use a 1/2 diameter 12″ long brass rod and medium sized hammer.   We install the slide in padded vise and use the brass rod to drive the rear sight from right to left.

All sights must be “fitted” and will not simply install.  Please call for tech support if you are not familiar with the proper fitting of replacement sights.  CGW will not warranty or replace improperly fitting replacement sights.



Low profile rear sight comes with both red & green fiber optic rods. The rear sight is .240″ tall with a .135″ notch. The front sight is .150″ tall x .100″ wide.