92030 Short Reset Kit P-07, P-09, P-01, & 75 Omega

CGW parts in the 92030 are precision machined and polished, thus delivering a smoother action.  Our 61050 firing pin is made from S-7 tool steel, the “gold standard” material, plus our spring is premium music wire.  The reset distance can vary due to the nature of the Omega lock work, but on average delivers a shorter single action reset.


Insufficient stock


Tutorial for P-07/09

TECH TIP:    Reduced power hammer springs must be used with our 92030.  For the polymer frame CZ’s, our HS-15 and HS-18 are recommended.  For Metal frame Omega’s our HS-13 and HS-15 are recommended.

Do not mix parts in the 92030 with any factory parts.  You cannot use the factory 20# hammer spring with the 92030 short reset kit.