Short Reset Kit for P-07 / P-09 & Omega

CGW parts in the 92030 are precision machined and polished, delivering a smoother action.  Our 61050 firing pin with spring is made from S-7 tool steel, the “gold standard”.   The reset distance can vary due to the nature of the Omega lock work, but on average delivers a shorter single-action reset.

NOTE:  For P-07/09 hammer springs are not included.




  • 1- 97014
  • 1- 97017
  • 1- 61100
  • 1- 97041
  • 1- FP1
  • 1-72750


Tutorial for P-07/09

TECH TIP:    Reduced power hammer springs must be used with our 92030.  For the polymer frame CZ’s, our HS-15 and HS-18 are recommended.  For Metal frame Omega’s our HS-13 and HS-15 are recommended.

Do not mix parts in the 92030 with any factory parts.  You cannot use the factory 20# hammer spring with the 92030 short reset kit.