92030 Short Reset Kit P-07, P-09, P-01, & 75 Omega


Short Reset Kit, drops the OEM reset 40 – 50% and delivers increased reliability since this includes our 61040 “Perfection” series extended S-7 tool steel firing pin.  Includes firing pin with spring, short reset disconnector, 61100 firing pin retaining pin and short reset lifter.  Please note:  you CANNOT use the CGW firing pin with the OEM 20# hammer spring, you must use a reduced power HS.   See the CGW HS-15 hammer spring for use with Federal and Winchester primers (range and competition use) only, or our HS-18 self-defense HS for the utmost in extreme reliability.


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Tutorial for P-07/09

TECH TIP:    You CANNOT use the OEM firing pin with the CGW lifter and disco, nor can you mix with any OEM parts.  So do not substitute the OEM firing when using this kit; we will not warranty any parts, nor will we accept any returns unless all parts in the kit are used.

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