SRS-2 Short Reset System

The SRS-2 cuts the SA reset on average 50%.   The SRS-2 is also a double spring kit upgrade and will reduce the DA trigger pull 50%.  This is a “Master” kit that allows you to tune your CZ for self-defense, range, or even competition use.  Includes: HS-12000, 11.5# (black) hammer spring for competition, HS-13 (blue)  hammer spring for self defense, reduced power firing pin block plunger spring, 61100 tempered spring steel firing pin retaining pin, firing pin lifter arm spring, “low-lift” 61050 firing pin w/spring, and our “short” arm lifter w/spring.




Tutorial for Manual Safety Series

Tutorial for Decocker

TECH TIP:  We suggest a 3mm roll pin punch for removal of the firing  pin retaining pin from the slide.  Use this same punch as a guide for lining up the flats on the firing pin, then drive in the new Cajun Gun Works 61100 tempered steel firing pin retaining pin from the left hand side.  Be sure and orient the 61100 with the open end “up” at the 12 0’clock position.

HS-13 is the choice for self-defense and produces 100% reliability, HS-12000 will ignite the majority of primers in most pistols, but not all, a great choice for competition, range, and when you use mainly Federal and Winchester primers.  Do not mix any CZ OEM springs with this kit.  Do not use a hammer spring heavier than 15#’s with any extended firing pin.