TPU57CZ07 Fully Adjustable Rear Sight

Fits the OEM CZ dovetail.  No machining required!  Works perfectly with the stock height (.215″) front sight.  Or better yet, for the 75 Series add our 050-278 fiber optic front sight for a truly impressive fully adjustable sight system.  All steel with black serrated rear blade.  Fits:  SP-01’s, 75B, 85B, 75 Compact, P-01, PCR, RAMI.


Matching Front Sight see Part Number 050-278


In stock


TECH TIP:  Install the slide in a padded vise and use 2 leather strips (an old belt works great) for padding.  We use a large brass punch/drift/rod with an equally large hammer to remove the sight.  Makes no difference which direction you drive the sight.

When installing the new sight it may be necessary to file the base of the dovetail slightly.  You must drive the sight in and fit snug for a proper fit.  If you get it to loose, remove the sight, degrease the slide and sight base, and apply red loctite to the bottom of the dovetail and install.

NOTE:  Does not fit Shadow, PCR, 97B or BD, 40P or 40B. Matching Front Sight see Part Number 050-278